Review of Charlie Has a Secret

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Charlie Has a Secret – 14 mins

Our video opens with Charlie and Madison filming a scripted match where Madison is a masked thief who attacks Charlie. Shortly after the opening holds, Charlie suddenly breaks character and tells Madison that she wants to tell her a secret. They sit down on the couch and a nervous Charlie admits to her friend that she really likes getting knocked out. She especially loves it when Madison knocks her out because she’s got some great muscles. Madison does a muscle pose in front of Charlie and the cute little girl beams with delight, touching the incredibly large bicep. Madison then pulls little Charlie’s head into her muscle and knocks her out! From that moment on Charlie eagerly allows Madison to knock her out with scissors, sleepers, chokes, a heart punch (with twitching), and a final delayed reaction nerve pinch! You’ll love how much Charlie enjoys each move and her lovely fluttering eyes as she goes out over and over again!

Another willing victim premise, but done in a totally different way that anything I’ve seen before. I really like how this one starts out, setting up a robbery vid, when suddenly Charlie breaks character and confesses to Madison her love for being KO’d be her. Then follows great KO filled video, with Madison making sure Charlie is still wanting more before the moving on to the next KO. Charlie again showing that she is really getting comfortable at FWR and her performances continue to improve. She’s really selling good now which makes me want to see even more of Charlie then I already do. Also Madison, who’s was a great heel before we found out how great of a jobber she could be, looks fantastic and is fantastic in this role of fulfilling Charlie’s fantasies. This one has a great ending too, with a really fun KO and a personal favorite KO position, that Madison puts to good use. I love both these ladies and I have been loving the willing victim thing that has become so popular lately.

Overall Score: 9.5/10