Review of Charlie Gets Even

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCharlie Gets Even – 11.5 mins

When Madison bullies, then sucker punches sweet Charlie in the belly before their match, Charlie comes up with a plan. She enters the ring before Madison and spikes her water bottle. The match begins and Madison dominates Charlie until she begins to weaken from the drug. Charlie springs into action and proceeds to POUND away at Madison’s belly on the mat, in the corner, on the ropes, and even outside the ring. To finish her off, Charlie hauls an extremely groggy Madison up by her hair and PLOWS a fist deep into her belly. Madison drops with her butt in the air and Charlie enjoys her total domination victory!

I know I’ve have been the number one advocate for Charlie losing all the time, but I have got to say this is one way and definitely one opponent where I am all about Charlie winning. This one almost right away felt like a “Cheating Sparrow” vid, which is also pretty much the only time I like Sparrow winning. I really enjoy the drugging your opponent, who would normally crush you, in order to win. And even though I do love when Charlie loses, I also love her evil grin when she’s winning and is definitely cocky and talkative enough to make a great heel, as she does here, which is also oddly enough like Sparrow. I also love that this one was all belly attacks, which normally would be a negative thing for me, but when that belly is Madison’s, I really love getting nice close up of some belly punishment and this vids is just full of great shots of her great abs. Another high point is even though this was all belly punishment, they managed to take the action all over the FWR studios, and Madison took a great spill out of the ring for some action outside, then gets tossed back in to wrap the match up. Which this vid had a great ending too, with Charlie holding Madison up by her hair to talk some trash to the half-conscious Madison before putting her out with a huge belly punch and Madison falls into the Darri-air position for Charlies victory pose. Overall, it’s a drug based role reversal, but both Charlie and Madison were great picks for such role reversal. Oh and let me not forget to mention that Madison shiny pink bikini is the exactly the same bikini Luna wore in my custom, which is definitely another great thing as I love my jobbers in pink.

Overall Score: 9.5/10