Review of Charlie Destroys LeAnn

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCharlie Destroys LeAnn – 30.5 Mins

charlieWe join LeAnn and Charlie in the ring for a submissions only wrestling match with a 30 minute time limit. The girl with the most submissions at the end of the match is the winner. And to add a little humiliation element to the match, the loser of each round must raise the arm of the winner, announce the score, and mark a scoreboard. When the opening bell sounds, we find out very quickly that little Charlie is much stronger than she looks! For the entire match, our newest cutie totally dominates a frustrated and shocked LeAnn with hammerlocks, headlocks, single and double leg crabs, body scissors, full nelsons, a knockout head scissor, camel clutch, and humiliating school girl pins! Charlie continuously taunts and mocks LeAnn, enjoying her pain while forcing LeAnn to submit several times in each hold. Poor LeAnn gets increasingly worn out by Charlie and is finally forced to endure a long schoolgirl pin from Charlie to end this epic wrestling domination and humiliation match!

I have been hoping for Charlie to get destroyed ever since I laid eyes on the cute little wrestler but it seem people so far have enjoyed seeing her win more often than not. Which I can’t blame them for, she has a cute evil smile and the way she giggles and prances around, makes it a lot of fun to watch her win too. Plus it seems almost tradition that everyone gets a chance to dominate LeAnn, which is never a bad thing to see. This submission battle like others in the past has LeAnn trying and trying again to best her opponent only to be over powered and defeated, with a little bit of humiliation added on as LeAnn has the raise Charlie’s hand in victory after each round and mark the score on the board. And as I always hope for, there is one KO in this that leaves LeAnn laid out cold, but Charlie still makes LeAnn raise her hand. So even though I’d rather see Charlie playing the jobber role, I can’t complain about seeing the sexy LeAnn dominated and humiliated yet again.

Overall score: 8.5/10