Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCARRY THE ONE – 17 mins

After being asked by Tiny to become his new tag partner, 6’4 beauty and powerhouse Takaiji makes her way to the SKW mat room to train.  She finds the beautiful Pandora in a perfect derri “air” KO pose…a note attached to her back.  It reads: “HEY TAG PARTNER!  I left you a little practice dummy 2 play with.  Enjoy your workout…  -Tiny”.  Amused, Takaiji decides to wake the 5 foot tall wrestler up…if only to work on her KO and carry techniques!!!   A groggy Pandora begs for mercy but it falls on deaf ears as the Amazon fighter repeatedly renders her unconscious…AND carries her limp body around just for fun!

Us squash fans are going to be in for a treat one of these upcoming days, as after the Tiny vs Takaiji match, the two decided to form at tag team. Pandora is just the first of many victims to come from this new union. I like how Tiny again leaves a note behind on one of his victims for someone else to find, I also like the pre-defeated jobber thing, always a good way to start a squash video. This video goes exactly as you would expect, Pandora is really too weak to defend herself, not that she would stand a chance against Takaiji and Takaiji takes great pleasure in dominating her opponent. This one does have a lift and carry aspect, so Takaiji does carry around Pandora a lot, instead of just letting her fall to the floor like normal. I think the carrying works well with a video like this, it has Takaiji parading around with Pandora like a trophy after each KO, and we still do get plenty of Pandora laying on the ground too. Pandora does a great job selling her role, of course, she’s been amazing since her return to SKW. If you liked Pandora vs Tiny, then you should enjoy this one as well, the carrying stuff doesn’t change the overall domination very much.

Overall Score: 9.9/10