Review of Carrie Takes a Ride

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Carrie Takes a Ride – 13 Mins

CarrieCarrie and LeAnn face off in a match that starts out pretty evenly, as the girls compete for control with head locks and hammerlocks. But before long, LeAnn begins to dominate little Carrie with hard body slams, a fireman’s carry, a bear hug, and someone shoulder carries that wear the blond down. LeAnn soon realizes that her opponent doesn’t like heights so she uses every chance she can to lift poor Carrie high in the air with shoulder rides, piggy back rides, and extended body slam lifts! A power bomb and a torture rack brings a sobbing submission from Carrie allowing LeAnn to easily pin her for a five count. LeAnn ends this match by carrying the weakened Carrie back to the dressing room … on her shoulders of course!

Got another vid brought to you by request, and I got to say I’m not the biggest carrying fan, but this one has a little bit more wrestling action involved then what I’ve seen in the past, so it’s more enjoyable for me. Also Carrie was always a great performer, no matter what her role was and that definitely continues here. She really seems freaked out about being lifted off the ground and sells all the wrestling action really well too. I was happy to see that some of the carries did turn into wrestling moves, after LeAnn got her fun scaring Carrie, like a powerbomb and number of body slams. Also the final carry was nice, with a half conscious Carrie being carried away. So, if carrying is your thing, as well as a little wrestling, then I can’t see you going wrong grabbing this clip.

Overall Score: 7/10