Review of Carmen’s Limp Game Challenge

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Review of CrystalsReignCarmen’s Limp Game Challenge – 11 Mins

LuckyCarmen and Crystal are both very upset about the terrible weather outside. The two girls, had their bikinis on ready for the pool but it looks like they will have to stay home bored today. Crystal begins to pout, when Carmen introduces her “fun” idea. She tells Crystal “Let’s play a game, I bet I can make you go limp”. Crystal laughs her friend off thinking why in the hell would she just LET Carmen make her go limp! But before she can stop her, Carmen already punches crystal hard in the belly sending her to the floor. Carmen quickly puts Crystal into a side head scissors! Crystal tries fighting it, but alas cannot and as she struggles her eyes cross, face strain and she fades into limpness. Carmen giggles, checking Crystal’s limp body and walks off. Crystal wakes up angry, but not showing her secret plan for revenge to Carmen. Carmen unaware keeps talking apologizes to crystal, but crystal sneaks up behind her and puts her into a vicious sleeper hold! Carmen, slowly falls to the floor and eventually she is now limp! Crystal enjoys her revenge by toying with Carmen’s limp helpless body and then scampers away. When Carmen comes too, she offers a truce to crystal with a friendly “hug”. Crystal feels Carmen’s grip getting tighter and tighter…OH NO! IT’S A BEAR HUG! Carmen squeezing crystal tighter and shakes her around until she is nothing more than a limp rag doll! Carmen leaves, but is surprised when she returns that crystal is still laying on the floor limp…or is she? Carmen kneels down to check on her, but crystal quickly punches Carmen in the belly and locks her into a TIGHT HEADSCISSORS! Carmen’s face is so tightly squeezed before crystals thighs, she drifts into an extremely limp state. Crystal now angry that her friend has been playing such a mean game, moves Carmen’s bikini top revealing her TITS! Humiliating her friend! Then toying with her poor limp body. But, it looks like Carmen is taking her limp game very seriously and becomes extremely angry herself! She charges crystal upon her return and chokes her against the wall! Crystal slides down the wall limp, but Carmen is in this for the win. She slaps crystals face barely waking her up just so she can lock her in a REVERSE HEADSCISSORS! Poor crystal falls limp for the final time. Carmen takes full advantage of her limp friend now as she has “won” the game. She exposes Crystals tits, and uses her limp limbs to rub herself. Poor crystal, it looks like Carmen won her limp game challenge.

You ever have a time when you called someone by the wrong name and you knew it and you had that awkward moment? Well that is going to be this entire review for me, as I was told before not call Crystal by any other name, while she’s performing as Crystal. So anyway, this is a great little back and forth KO vid with Crystal and Carmen. I love the way they set this “game” up and I love how it quickly escalates and gets out of control. Both girls look fantastic in their bikinis. Carmen sells her KOs great, but anyone who knows how great Crystal sells, there’s just no beating that, of course it’s a good thing Crystal does lose in the end that means more of her amazing eye rolling and crossing for us. I think these two beautiful ladies play great off each other, giving us some great batter. The KOs come quick and easy, with some great selling and nice transitions to the other taking control. Also, little bit of nudity and humiliation never hurt anyone. An absolutely great clip, easily worth checking out for any fan of Crystal’s or just looking for some great selling.

Overall Score: 9/10