Review of Careless Knockouts

Review of Velvets FantasiesCareless Knockouts – 23 mins

The lovely Diva Diamond and Eva Avon make their way to Jacquelyn Velvets’ house for a girls’ night out, only to find the door unlocked and Jacquelyn absent. As they wait, Miss Velvets texts them and tells them she’ll be delayed. Eva and Diva relax on the bed and suddenly feel lumps under the pillow. They discover a variety of knockout “toys” (accidentally?) left behind by Jacquelyn. Surprised and intrigued, the girls decide to play a series of knockout games while they wait. Having had some experience being knocked out, Diva starts the game off by letting Eva have the first turn (via chloroform), leading to some sexy clothing-removal and what turns out to be multiple knockouts from the (eventually) lingerie-clad beauties! After an accidental DOUBLE KO, we watch as Sleeperkid makes his way into the scene, finding both ladies out cold in his bedroom. Dismayed, SK decides to clean up the room, rendering both ladies unconscious after they stir with a double choke out and OTS-carrying them out of the room as the scene fades to black!

Both Eve and Diva were made for a roles like this. These two dangerously curvy girls look so good, from being fully clothed all the way down to nothing but lingerie, they are the definition of “easy on the eyes”. They also sell the roles excellently, I love their smiles as the KO the other or strip their clothes off. But, I do have to give the better KO selling to Eve, her eyerolling is top notch for every KO and I sure hope we get to see more that real soon. The way their KO games comes to an end is absolutely perfect, having the double KO, then SK coming in to clean up the mess and the OTS carries look fantastic. This is a well-rounded Velvets video that mixes up the KO action, as they KO each other back and forth. Their attire changes entirely, from fully dressed with heels, to underwear and bare feet and the ending adds in a little more limp play and some beautiful carries to top things off. I love having things mixed up like that and again this ending was perfect.

Overall Score: 9.5/10