Review of Canary Outmatched

Review of Sleepy Superheroines Canary Outmatched – 9 mins

A new scantily clad superheroine named Canary is out to get the Trickster. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for us, the Trickster is well prepared. After she gets the quick upper hand, Trickster knocks her out with some chloro. He then ties her up which she gets out of quickly and goes after the fiend again. Again she gets a good beating in but as she tries to take of his mask, she’s electrocuted and then knocked out with an injection in the butt. Another chloro follows for the outmatched Canary. Check out our new actress and let us know your thoughts on this redhead beauty.

I got another Sleeper Superheroine vid for you guys and this time we have a new face under the mask, but unfortunately, I don’t know her name, maybe she wants to be nameless, or, and probably most likely, they just forgot to mention her name in the description. I like that there is a someone new working for Sleepy Superheroines, because that’s good for them. I can guess that not everyone likes to having Misty Lovelace in every video, but I kind of do. So hopefully new girl sticks around, but I do hope it’s mostly Misty starring in the vids. As for this girl, she looks excellent, as you can see. Her selling is ok, she has her eyes closed a lot, so I can’t really say if she can do any kind of eye selling like Misty and she gets one too many shots in on ol’ Trickster for my taste. Otherwise we do get all the things we love to see for Sleepy Superheroines, plenty of KOs and a few tricks, lots of limp play and of course a little spanking. And of course, I have to give some point for this now girl not to be wearing a body suit, maybe even some more points for being one of the farthest things from a body site. Overall, we need a name for the new talent and have her open her eyes while she’s selling the KOs and she can definitely wear this outfit again.

Overall Score: 8.5/10