Review of Camel Clutch Challenge XI

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCamel Clutch Challenge XI – 13 mins

Do you like camel clutches? Then this video is definitely for you to enjoy. We put Kat and Persephone in the ring to see who could withstand the most pain from the camel clutch hold. The beauties, dressed in their choice of outfits, each had one minute to apply the hold and try to get a submission from her opponent. The match goes round after round with both girls gaining submission after submission … until one contestant manages to last the time limit without submitting. The match continues and a definite winner is decided. But, the loser is also a sore loser and calls the winner a “bitch”! The winner is quick to apply one more camel clutch but with an added sleeper hold that puts the sore loser out for good! *Please note that the ONLY hold in this video is the camel clutch hold. You’ll definitely love the trash talking and seeing these two beauties competing against one another!

Alright, I’ve got to confess, the only reason I got this video is because I saw that Persephone lost, got KO’d in the end and was left face down and out cold in the ring. I’ve been just about obsessed with Persephone since she came to FWR and this is really just another example of me crossing lines I normally wouldn’t have. That being said, I still found myself enjoying this vid and that comes down to Persephone, but not for the reasons I mentioned above. It turns out that Persephone is a really good trash talker, kind of like Sparrow in a way, where she just says random things that make me laugh. And she also makes really good expressions, whether winning or loses, you can easily read her feelings from her face. As far as the camel clutches go, the only thing I’d like to see is them add is selling the back pain more after they submit, because it felt like they never gave any sign that they’re backs where in any pain and I think that would help sell the whole thing better. But of course I did really love the ending with Persephone being a sore loser and Kat putting her out cold. I definitely feel like that was worth watching the rest of this video, because the concept isn’t bad and I really like being reminded that Persephone is quite the trash talker and not just a cute little jobber.

Overall Score: 8/10