Review of Cali Logan’s Home Alone Nightmare UFO Vol 31

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasCali Logan’s Home Alone Nightmare UFO Vol 31 – 12 mins

Poor Cali was just doing dishes minding her own business when she heard a noise, turned around and saw this gloved hand coming at her w a cloth. She exclaimed, what.. why… but the cloth went over her nose and mouth and the fumes were too strong, that Cali’s eyes rolled back and fluttered and she feel limp on her floor. Well, she was , the gloved hand played and fondled all parts of Cali’s helpless body. Tossing her body around, playing with her legs and arms. Eventually, Cali slowly started to wake up and as she started to go into her living room, this gloved hand w a syringe came at her again. She tried to escape, but the syringe went into Cali’s neck and Cali’s eyes flutter and away she went again. The gloved hand played with her helpless limp body and limbs some more. This time taking off her clothes.  After a bit, Cali started coming through, she struggled to get up, now very confused, dizzy and not knowing what’s going on.  She started to go out her door, but the glove came at her again w a mask and forced it over Cali’s face. Cali inhaled deeply and tried to fight but to no avail.  Cali was limp again. The gloved hand played with her whole body again, but leaving her helpless and limp in her house. Another beautiful woman had fallen to the UFO series

I am new to this UFO series for the amazing Constance, but I can tell you now, this won’t be that last, as I this series is all about eyerolling KOs and limp play, all done in a POV style. Seeing how this is number 31, I can only imagine the great girls Constance has done this to, hopefully she’s in one herself. I didn’t look around too much for as soon as I saw Cali had one I was sold. Cali Logan, is attacked, KO’d and stripped to her bra and panties. I always have to give it to Cali, she’s a great seller, she’s so good with the eyerolling KOs and of course she looks fantastic. This is a pretty quick clip, definitely had me wanting more. I mean, I never really can get enough of Cali getting KO’d. I liked the quick and easy KOs, the syringe in the neck is my favorite of all. After each KO we get some nice limp play and foot views too. The POV of course give us nice close ups for the eye rolling KOs. It’s simple KO vid that I love, just because Cali is so lovely to watch. I’ll be checking out more from the series soon and definitely something starring Constance soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10