Review of Cali Logan POV Boxing 2013 (Loss)

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Review of Hit the Mat Cali Logan POV Boxing 2013 (Loss) – 7 Mins

caliCali Logan is topless in another POV boxing fight recently rediscovered, shot in 2013. Cali tries her best, even gets some shots in and knocks you down but is ultimately overwhelmed and dominated until she is knocked out.

Anytime you get a chance to see Cali beaten in a topless boxing match, you just grab it, at least that how I feel. The only down side to this great vid is how quickly it’s over, I love everything else. I love how big those gloves look on Cali, that she tries so hard to put up a good fight, even knocking you down once, I love the way she reels from a good punch and the dazed face she makes. There’s a couple of good knockdowns that only get better as the match goes on, as it get harder for Cali to make it back to her feet. I even like the final knockdown where Cali tries in vain to pick herself up one more time. And of course the topless aspect is very good as well, especially in this case with Cali. I would have loved to see this battle go on for 15-20 mins, sadly I only got about half of that, but it was a damn good 7 mins of boxing action, in 1080p no less. Got to love 1080p HTM videos, starting a defeated and topless Cali Logan.

Overall Score: 9/10