Review of Brutal Beatdown

Review of DefeatedBrutal Beatdown – 42 Mins

stellaThe video starts with the girls facing each other, angry and ready for a fight. Elizabeth talking trash to the defiant pissed off Stella. Stella curses at her defiantly. Girls are in each other’s face when Elizabeth throws the first punch. The match is all Elizabeth totally destroying Stella all over the mat and yanking her up violently for more. Lots of knees and punches and stomps to the gut as Stella is tossed around violently in shock hyperventilating. Elizabeth screams at Stella to get up over and over yanking her up before knocking her down hard again. Still between the destruction Stella is defiant not whimpering or begging. She looks up at Elizabeth. “Is that all you got you fucking cunt?” This infuriates Elizabeth more. Elizabeth is determined to make Stella roll her eyes and she uses brutal sleeper hold and head scissor variations to put Stella out into eye rolling unconsciousness over and over. Then ragdolling her hard reclining, sitting, etc… But Elizabeth is convinced Stella can do a bit better every time. So she wakes Stella by pulling at her nipples hard and continues the beat down and her quest for the perfect eye roll out of Stella. Elizabeth keeps knocking out and humiliating Stella. Her goal is to make her opponent completely vulnerable. She won’t let Stella go until she is clearly limp. When Stella is, Elizabeth plays with her by ragdolling her, and throwing her down. By the very end Stella is totally broken and defeated inside and out surrendering and submitting to Elizabeth shivering on the brink of tears. Stella attempts to seduce Elizabeth and offers to “do her” and Elizabeth considers her offer for a moment but then quickly decides Stella is not her type and instead puts her out for the night. Stella can’t even give it away! But she is sure as hell going to give Elizabeth her best eye roll before she goes out one last time.

More action from my favorite Italian production, Defeated, and yes, again it’s a long, brutal, one sided domination of the amazing Stella. And yes, Elizabeth again escapes unscathed. However, this isn’t just another squash, a few notable things happened it this one, first and foremost, Stella delivers full white eyes for every single KO, and over the 40+ minutes of this one, that is a lot of really great eyerolling. Something that makes my favorite Defeated Jobber even better. Next, Stella doesn’t play the usual helpless jobber role. Every time she wakes up, she struggles back to her feet and starts trash talking Elizabeth, “is that the best you can do”, “I’m not even tired yet”, “You’re not strong enough to beat me” and so on. So if you see a picture that looks like Stella is laughing while getting punched or something, that’s because she is. It’s not only funny, but it infuriates Elizabeth, only making each KO worse as Elizabeth’s frustration grows. As the KO’s pile up, it gets harder and harder to wake Stella up, which mean more ragdolling as Elizabeth yells at Stella for all the nonsense she’s been talking. Elizabeth really gets intense too, I mean she started with great intensity, but she was just about on fire by time this video ended. So don’t get me wrong, the only reason I want to see Elizabeth get destroyed is because she’s freaking gorgeous, that and if she can get as into it playing the Jobber as much as she does when she’s playing the heel, we may have a new favorite to add to the always growing list of amazing jobbers. Anyway, another fantastic job by Stella and Elizabeth, great action, great acting by these beautiful ladies.

Overall Score: 9.9/10