Review of Broken

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBroken – 20.5 mins

We begin in the dressing room where Madison, already in her wrestling gear, finds Ryan beginning to prepare for their match. She taunts Ryan and reminds her about their previous match then strikes a muscle pose. But the confident Ryan doesn’t back down and we soon join both wrestling beauties in the ring. The match is fast paced, high energy, and includes great escapes and displays of strength. We don’t have the space to list all the holds and there are actually some that we don’t even know what to call but we’ll say this … you’re in for an EPIC three round pro style submission wrestling match and in the end one of these beauties is broken!

I know I’m not the submissions only match kind of guy, but sometimes there’s just pairing that you don’t like to let pass, and for me one of many of those pairing is Madison vs Ryan. There’s last match together was a one sided masterpiece with Madison destroying Ryan and really showing off her famous flexibility. This time, things don’t go as well for Madison, she does get a few of her moves in and shows off some of that strength of hers, but it’s Ryan who gets the last laugh and a bit of revenge. I will say, even though I would love some KOs in a match like this, I loved some of the moves used in this video. They folded each other up in some pretty painful looking holds and some ones I’ve never seen before. I also liked poor broken Madison left lying in the ring, clutching her back. So, even with no KOs, I must admit I was pretty well entertained and I surely hope this little rivalry isn’t done and dusted just yet.

Overall Score: 8.5/10