Review of Broken, Ragdolled and Ultimately Defeated

Review of DefeatedBroken, Ragdolled and Ultimately Defeated – 26 mins

Amirah stands in the middle of the mats in a sexy one piece and beautiful white high heeled boots, telling the camera that she finally got a rematch with that guy that kicked her ass last time, but she’s been training and is ready for him this time. She then shows off some of her punches and some of her kicks. We than fade into to match where Amirah is standing off with her male opponent. The match begins and just like last time Amirah is immediately over powered and KO’d. Just to prove how out she is, the man takes an easy 10 count leg hook pin on the limp jobber. But that is not the end of this match, no, it is just beginning. From here the mercilessly man starts twisting and bending Amirah’s legs, but she’s so out, she only moans in pain, rolls her eyes and twitches a little, but otherwise is lifeless. The man removes Amirah’s boots for better grip and continues working on her legs. Eventually Amirah comes to and is mocked by the man telling her to get up and fight him, but Amirah’s legs are just short of broken and causes her way too much pain to even come close to standing on them. After watching Amirah struggle for a while, the man pulls her top down exposing her tits. He’s had enough fun and decides to continue on braking poor Amirah. He KOs her again with ease and then starts working on her arms. A couple of radolling arm bars later, Amirah wakes up again only to find her arms are both now useless too. She’s stuck to floor, her limps immobilized, she can only lift her head as she struggles to move. Now basically with two near broken arms and two near broken legs Amirah is completely helpless, but is not done being tortured. Her opponent now removes he one pieces completely and then applies several submissions holds that have Amirah verbally submitting, but he won’t stop until she taps the mats, but her useless limbs just can’t do it, so he continues to wreck her. Eventually, he bores of his helpless victim and KOs the broken jobber one more time before leaving. I highly doubt Amirah will want another rematch after this one, if she can ever even walk again.

Back with more Defeated content for you guys and this time I got something that I am always asking for, more mixed matches with Amirah. This one brings a lot of great things to the table, besides for the obvious thing, which is it has Amirah in it. First this one starts with Amirah in some super sexy high heel boots. Which is great to see not only because we rarely get to see our jobbers wear heels, but also because they just look so fantastic. Sadly, they do get removed pretty early into the video, but not before Amirah gets KO’d and pinned. The next cool thing they added to this one is the breaking or at least immobilizing of Amirah limbs, which not only adds a level of brutality, but also gives Amirah’s opponent something to mock her about. He kneels next to her and is telling her to get up and kick him or get up and fight, knowing that she can’t. It is really great watching as Amirah tries to move her damaged limbs. Then we have all the stuff we are used to seeing in these matches. Some ragdoll action as Amirah is out cold for a lot of the moves used to immobilize her. She gets stripped completely naked, which is always fantastic to see and of course we get Amirah’s excellent selling, which is really the most important feature of all. Oh and seeing her still get some more torture even after all her limbs are broken. I’m really happy to see Defeated playing around with their mixed matches, they are already some of the best mixed action on the web and seeing them adding new details of destruction keeps me interested in what the future holds. Hopefully more terrible situations for Amirah and maybe some more high heel boots and broken limbs. Who knows?

Overall score: 9.9/10