Review of Bring Me a Jobber 4

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingBring Me a Jobber 4 – 10.5 mins

It’s time for an MMW squash match! And who better to lay down a humiliating beating on an unsuspecting young lady than MMW Bad Girl, and Boxing Champion Athena Law! And who better to receive that beating than Jobber extrordionaire, and Lingere Fighting Championship vet, the one and only, Allie Parker. Athena catches wind that the pro wrestler is visiting the MMW ring, but will not be wrestling, just saying hi to MMW owner and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton. Athena refuses to let Allie leave without a fight. She trades in the boxing gloves for shiny, gold, wrestling boots, and trades in her cheeky trunks for a lovely, V-cut, leopard print leotard that fits so snuggly in her perky bottom. Athena enters to find Allie in her jeans and street wear, chatting with Alex. Athena immediatley interupts, poking fun at Allie for visiting but not fighting. Alex explains Allie has a big match the following day, and can’t risk injury. Athena isnt buying it, as she continues to talk down to Allie, telling her she is just scared. Things begin to heat up as Allie grows tired of Athena’s insults The two get face to face in an intense staredown, and it is Athena who strikes first, folding Allie in half with a hard, deep, shot, right in to Allie’s stomach, OOF! Allie is stunned, Athena rips Allie’s shirt over her head, trapping her arms down, and like a hockey player, proceeds to send big shots into Allie’s belly, and across her jaw, sending her plummeting to the mat outside the MMW ring. Allie hops to her feet, enraged, and charges at Athena, only to eat four more lightning quick, granite fists straight to her jaw! If you are a fan of Jobbers, and a fan of Allie Parker, this will become and instant classic as Athena, at the top of her game, showcases her amazing heel skills as she presents the total squash and complete beating of Allie Parker! PUMMELING the pro wrestler, out wrestling her, out striking her, Allie is a mess as she tries to defend, only to be bitch slapped back to her level over and over, Athena uses back breaking holds, bone bending maneuvers, ring shaking slams, scalping hair pulls, and ego crushing strikes, to destroy poor Allie Parker, stripping her if her clothes, forcing her to receive the latter end of her beating in her bra and panties! Athena takes pleasure beating poor Allie sensless, stripping her of her clothes and her pride. After proving she is the superior wrestler, Athena forces Allie to box her, to which Allie has no choice but to comply. Athena again destroys Allie, beating her silly, rights and lefts are flying as Allue eats some big shots, Athena is having way too much fun beating up this girl in her underwear, But its time to call it a day, as Athena chokes Allie out with her very own jeans. Sorry Allie, looks like you may not be 10o% for your match tomorrow. This contest belongs, decisively, to Athena Law.

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good Allie Parker squash, I remember the days at SKW vs Tiny, SK and Jacquelyn, but I can’t remember too many others. It’s good do see Allie end up on the wrong side of a matchup again. MMW does have kind of raw way of doing their matches, where there’s nothing really fancy about their beatdown, but they are good and definitely give that good squash match feeling I’m looking for. I do agree that Allie is a jobber extraordinaire, even though this is not the best Allie squash I’ve seen it is a good one. I like that Allie keeps trying to fight back, only to get laid out again, I like that most of her clothing get ripped off and a like that her clothing becomes a weapon for the final KO and that this one ends with a pin. I think Athena is a good heel, definitely displaying her dominance clearly in this one. So even though I did enough this one, it would have been really great to see Allie suffer though one of those Alexandria type beats downs, with some ragdolling and OTT reactions. Nonetheless, this is worth the price of admission to see the kind or rare one sided Allie Parker beatdown.

Overall Score: 8.5/10