Review of BR15 (Yanzi VS M)

Review of The Legendry Boxing ClubBR15 (Yanzi VS M) – 26 mins

The Legendry Boxing Club doesn’t make written descriptions, so I’ll just make one up really quickly so you guys have an idea of what happens in this one before I move on to the actual review. So, M, which I believe I saw some where stands for Michael, well he lost to Yanzi in a previous match and doesn’t plan on losing again. So he sneaks into her office before the match and spikes her water. Of course, Yanzi takes a sip of the water before the match begins…. It just came to me, this is totally a Cheating Sparrow idea… Anyway, the match beings and Yanzi holds her own for a little bit, I wouldn’t say she was winning, but the possibility was there. Only about a minute of two into the match, the spiked water starts to take effect, which is more of an upset stomach effect, then a dizzy effect. Nonetheless, Michael takes full advantage of Yanzi from this point forward. There’s a ton of knock downs, lots of great heavy punches and plenty of drooling/spit takes. Until finally an exhausted Yanzi can take no more and goes down for the count.

I think it’s pretty easy to tell, but I am a big fan of TLBC’s style. This videos deliver great hard hitting action with some over the top selling, which is mainly drooling and spit takes. But the reactions are great to I love the slow motion points where they land a big punch and we get to see the fist impact with the face and spit goes flying everywhere and most of the time also ends with a trip to the canvas are awesome. This one has a bunch of scenes like that as Michael cheats his way to a victory by drugging Yanzi. As I explained up above, Michael lost to Yanzi and some point before this match and drugs her water to make sure he wins this time. I love that this one has a ton of knock downs before the final KO. It’s totally one sided after the drugs kick in and Michael really delivers a beatdown. It’s also a long video so the match is drawn out, in a good way, and isn’t rushed at all. I think the only thing I would like to see for TLBC is a wider variety of outfits. I like the kick boxing/Muay thai look, but I would really like to see them mix in some bathing suits and footwear. Other than that, keep the hard hitting, slow motion, spit take boxing action coming, because it’s really good.

Overall Score: 9/10