Review of Boyfriend Troubles

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoyfriend Troubles – 30 mins

As Becca and Peyton chit chat about their boyfriends it becomes obvious that they’re dating the same guy! Oh, the drama! What follows is a knockout melee filled with tons of eye rolling, silly faces, groggy and dazed beauties, and plenty of trash talking. The girls use black jacks, a frying pan, chloroform, and pressure points on the feet. This custom video has an emphasis on the shoes and outfits so you’ll see a nice strip of outer clothes by both beauties. Peyton and Becca end up in plenty of sexy knockout poses with several body piles. In the end, you favorite humble producer enters to find both girls knocked out. He checks their limp bodies and leaves in a huff after being unable to wake them. We know you’ll enjoy this awesome video!

FWR again comes through with an incredibly silly KO filled video, done in an amazing style that only FWR has fully mastered. The way this battle starts is actually pretty good, although in the end its just Becca and Peyton fighting over a guy, but to start, they didn’t know they were dating the same guy. Once they figure that out the KOs come raining in fast and furious. The reactions we get in this one are silly but not over the top, so there’s no tongue protrusion or twitching, but lots of eye rolling, silly face and some giggling as they are knocked silly. Not my favorite kind of KO of course, but still really fun to watch and of course it being Becca and Peyton makes it just that much better. I’m also not a fan of the thick socks or the little flat shoes, but Becca’s lingerie and Peyton bra and leggings are quite nice. Overall, this has a ton of great KOs with silly reactions, funny moments and body piles, plus it’s Becca and Peyton which always turns out to be something great.

Overall Score: 9.5/10