Review of Boxing with Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing with Peyton – 10.5 Mins

PeytonAre you ready to meet the spunky and cute Peyton in the ring for a boxing match? Of course you are! This 3 round fight is pretty evenly matched with Peyton and you trading punches during round one. But the little cutie has you on the ropes as round one comes to an end. Round two has Peyton coming out strong, controlling you with her punches and knocking you down. You manage to rise only to get dazed by more of her punches. But, when Peyton gets cocky you throw a punch out of nowhere that drops her to the mat! Angrily, she jumps up and you both end up trading punches until you finally get the upper hand. You knock her down again but she’s saved by the bell. Round three starts with you both on equal ground but Peyton soon tires out and you take control! You enjoy looking into her beautiful eyes as you punch her out in the corner and on the ropes. The end comes when you hit her with a left, right, left, right, uppercut combo that drops her to the mat unconscious! You’ll definitely enjoy this tough battle against the extremely cute Peyton!

It’s about time this video happened. We’ve had Ashley do two and Becca do two and they we’re all phenomenal. Now Peyton gets to join the group with this excellent POV boxing match. Just as some of others in the past Peyton starts out with early control, getting really cocky as she thinks she’s got this one won and I love her cockiness, dancing around, and trash talking, it’s just so cute. Then we get to watch as all that confidence begins to crumble, as you battle back. I really love these POVs, I love getting the up close shots of her face, getting that eye contact you just can’t get from other videos and it doesn’t matter what emotion, whether cocky, dazed, worried or exhausted, it all looks great as Peyton is so convincing. We also get great boxing action, plenty of knockdowns, being saved by the bell, struggling back to her feet, exhaustion/punch drunkenness, everything you could want in a hard fought boxing battle. All leading up to Peyton’s eventual KO, where you could have counted to 1000, she was out cold. This is another one for the favorites list for me. I hope Peyton gets to do another one to even the score, then more from another amazing FWR talent. Just keep these coming.

Overall Score: 9.9/10