Review of Boxing with Ericka

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing with Ericka – 10 Mins

erickaThis fun boxing POV match begins with the visiting Ericka meeting you in the ring for a boxing match. She comments on how cute you are but she’s confident that she can beat you. The bell rings for round one and she smashes two jabs into your face. But you’re tough and answer with some punches of your own! You actually dominate most of this round until the beauty is saved by the bell. Round two begins and Ericka has found her strength. She rocks you for most of the round, dropping you a few times. You fight back and trade punches with her until the bell. Round three starts with the cutie hitting you hard and looking to put you away but you fight back and punch the stuffing out of her! She staggers around the ring, barely knowing where she is until your final combination of a left, right, belly punch, and uppercut drops her HARD for the final knockout!

Have I ever told you guys I love these POV boxing videos where “you” win? Well I do and this is another great one. I don’t know Ericka before this video, but I can tell you she’s great and this probably isn’t the first time she done something like this, because her selling is excellent. As always with POV videos the expressions are more important than usual because the camera’s in her face the whole time. Ericka is great at not only looking dazed from your highly effective punches, but also looking very aggressive as she tries to fight back. She also provides some good commentary as the battle goes on. There some good knock downs too, as Ericka struggles to beat the count and a final KO, of the best kind, where we could have counted to 100, she wasn’t going anywhere. So as I said this is a great addition to this POV boxing series and for me, this was a fantastic introduction to Ericka. I really hope to see much more from her soon and I was disappointed to find out she’s just visiting and not a new local talent.

Overall score: 9.9/10