Review of Boxing Match with Ludella

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Review of Fetishland’s Fight NightBoxing Match with Ludella – 14 mins

Hannah and Ludella are both finalists for a lingerie modeling shoot. They do not like each other. They stand around together awaiting the final decision. The tension is building and Ludella becomes aggressive. She confronts Hannah and suggest that they box for the win. Hannah agrees. They get their gloves and return sometime later for a boxing match. In the first round, Ludella dominates and sends Hannah down. Round two begins like around one. Ludella and Noc and Hannah down midway but she gets up at eight. Hannah manages to slip Ludella a haymaker which gives her the upper hand. She continues with some body shots and combos which send Ludella down. She is saved by the bell. In round three, Hannah knocks Ludella down early in the round and then again at the end. By around four, Ludella is worn down. She wants to go home, but Hannah won’t let that happen. She dominates in this last round and send Ludella down a couple of times, knocking her out at the end. Hannah stands over her in a victory pose. For further humiliation, she straddles Ludella in a schoolgirl pin and continues verbally humiliating her, Declaring herself the winner of the match and of the modeling shoot.

This one stars Hannah Perez and Ludella Hahn, two outstanding ladies that I just don’t cover enough here. Although for Ludella, there’s not a great amount of fighting and/or KO vids with her, but I definitely have no excuses for Hannah, who does everything all the time. Anyway, this cute little boxing match has both lovely ladies dressed nice and sexy while both getting a taste of defeat. The punches are big and a little on the silly side, the reaction are similar, not really meant to be silly, but just in the way Ludella and Hannah sell it, if comes off a bit silly, which is definitely not a bad thing. There’s lots of trash talk, which is done well. Ludella made me laugh a few times, and I think Hannah had to try not to laugh a few times too. Hannah started out the calmer, cooler one, but she definitely rubs is in really well when she wins. There’s a good number of knock downs in this and each time they go to a camera angle that kind of focuses on the one who’s still standing, but also has the one down in the foreground and I don’t know if I like it. It kind of ends up cutting off the girl on the ground and the head of the girl standing, unless the girl standing bends over while she’s talking trash, then we get both ladies nicely in the shot. It was a nice idea for a camera angle, but maybe wasn’t done quite right all the time. But really the point of this vid for me was a healthy reminder that I need more Hannah and Ludella in my life and in my reviews. They are super sexy and talented and I need to see more of them. For now, you guys and start with this one and I’ll get you guys more Ludella and/or Hannah soon.

Overall Score: 9/10