Review of Boxing it Out with Bella Ink and Lea Hart

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubBoxing it Out with Bella Ink and Lea Hart – 10 mins

Lea Hart and Bella Ink are known rivals at the gym. The two decide to duke it out to see who really is the baddest bitch around. They have a few choice words for each other, but the proof is in the punching. During the 5-round match, little Lea all but dominates her opponent. Though Bella gets a good knock down in, it’s Lea who ends up winning with her brutal jabs and upper punches.

Been a long time since I’ve done some reviews from Cali Logan’s store, but I got a few on the way, starting with this really fun boxing vid with Bella Ink on the losing side. I’ve been a fan of Bella since I first saw her at Knockout Cats and then FWR. The way she sells this match is can definitely be considered over the top, but not in the normal tongue out, twitching, drooling way I normal use over the top for, but this one more over dramatic, over selling and it is awesome. Bella take a punch and sends herself flying across the room and ends up almost out cold on mats, every time. Bella still talks tons of trash even though she was losing pretty much the whole time. Lea, I don’t know as well as Bella, but she did awesome here, being in control most of the match and talking plenty of trash. This is a very good boxing battle that is definitely done in a fun and silly way. And I always love getting the chance to see Bella ending up in the losing end.

Overall Score: 9.5/10