Review of Boxing for the Boots

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing for the Boots – 10 mins

This script was sent in during our recent story offer and we thought it was very creative. Scarlett comes into the studio to find a pair of wrestling boots that are being gifted to her. Persephone comes in and tells Scarlett that she’ll box her for them. Scarlett agrees and Persephone runs off to get a contract written up. When she returns Scarlett is already in the ring with her boxing gloves on. Unable to sign the contract, Scarlett tells Persephone to sign it for her then is shocked to find out that she agreed to a match where boxing gloves aren’t a necessity! Persephone attacks before Scarlett can protest and before she knows it, Scarlett is flat on her back with the cute little Persephone foot choking her, camel clutching her, leg nelsoning her, schoolgirl pinning her, scissoring her, and choking her on the ropes! When Scarlett finally calls her a cheater, Persephone puts on a pair of boxing gloves and punches the larger girl out! In the end, Persephone knocks Scarlett out with a straight head scissor and pins her easily to finally take possession of the nice wrestling boots! Enjoy!

It deeply saddens me that I now know that Persephone has left FWR for, hopefully greener pastures. It always sucks to lose a favorite, but I know not everyone can just stay in Arizona and work for FWR forever, that is life. Nonetheless, she was able to shoot a few (I assume a few) last videos before hitting the road, of course I hope they kicked her butt one more good time for me, but for now, the little conniving she-devil, cheats her way to another victory. This time taking down Scarlett, by challenging her to a boxing match, then comes to the match without boxing gloves on and beats the crap out of Scarlett, who was all prepared for a boxing match, but ended up in one sided wrestling match. That is for a little while. Once Scarlett is good and beaten up, Persephone then puts on her gloves and finishes Scarlett off boxing style. All of this for a pair of boots that were gifted to Scarlett, aren’t even Persephone’s size and ended up discarded outside of the ring (should have been Converse boots! Lol). A very fun match, not too many Scarlett loses that I can think of and Persephone is a great little evil heel. They worked great together and if this does end up being Persephone’s last FWR video, at least is was a fun one.

Overall Score: 9/10