Review of Boxing Dreams

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing Dreams – 18 Mins

bellaWe loved bringing this creative custom script to life because it featured Becca and the visiting Bella Ink in a fun boxing encounter! The video features three different boxing matches that all end differently. The first segment is Becca’s vision of what she’s going to do to Bella in their upcoming fight. We fade into Becca’s mind as she’s totally destroying Bella with her boxing gloves in an over the top, silly, eye rolling match that features TWO speed bag facials! Bella ends up trapped in the ropes and finally knocked out on the mat. The second segment is Bella’s vision and features her destroying poor Becca with her boxing gloves! Becca also experiences two speed bag facials, one of which is done while she’s hanging upside down from the ropes! She also finds herself trapped in the ropes as Bell punches her out. The final segment of this fun video is the actual match between the blond beauties. We won’t give away what happens … but we think you’ll probably figure it out by looking at the photos below!!

This is indeed a creative script and a job well done by Rick, Becca and the visiting Bella Ink. I love the fact that we get to see both ladies play in a winning and losing role. Bella does an absolutely amazing job as Becca dominates her. I was very impressed with her reactions, this being the first time I’ve seen her in a losing role. Then we get to see Bella dominate Becca, which of course is amazing as Becca always sells great. Both fantasies last a good amount of time and has great boxing action before the fantasy ending KO. Finally, in the actual match, after some quick trash talk and some punch dodging, this match comes to a quick end in the only way it should have, with both ladies knocking each other out cold. This is a fantastic vid with fantastic selling and a whole lot of fantastic boxing action.

Overall score: 9.9/10