Review of Boxing Babe Strip Down

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxing Babe Strip Down – 28.5 mins

This custom video begins with an uninterested Becca in the boxing ring with Peyton. She’s bored of doing the same old boring boxing matches, then has an idea. She suggests that at the end of each round the cameraman (your humble producer) decides who won the round and then strips a piece of clothing off the loser. They continue until one of them can no longer continue. The bell rings and the punching begins! What follows is an over-the-top, eye-crossing, punch drunk, body twitching, limp play, eye checking, tongues hanging out, sexy clothing removal (to bikinis), multi-knockout boxing bash! The girls get increasingly dizzy and goofy as the match progresses and there are tons of fun visuals for you to enjoy. In the end, the two girls are knocking each other out simultaneously and falling in double sexy positions. Peyton finally outlasts Becca and wins the match, only to pass out on top of the blond. We think the real winner here is Rick, your humble producer, who got to strip the clothes off the girls! Enjoy this boxing babe strip down match!

This is one of those vids I knew I was going to love from the moment I saw the preview. This is one of those vids that is made for someone like me, with tons of OTT reactions, some general silliness and plenty of KOs. Our humble FWR producer is definitely the real winner here, although so are we, but I love it how Rick plays that he’s not loving every minute of having the duty of stripping Becca and Peyton. I also love how this vid started out like this was going to be a normal boxing match, but got OTT really quickly and before you know it, both Becca and Peyton are stumbling all over the place, punch drunk as hell. I loved the saved by the bell parts, giving us a KO, but also continuing the match. Of course Becca and Peyton are fantastic in every way. I really just loved every bit of this vid, from Peyton’s crazy twitching, to all the punch drunken madness, the double KOs, the clothing removal, and so on. I do think they stuffed one more joke than needed into the end, with Peyton taking Becca’s gloves. I think Peyton could have just passed out too, right after Becca and skip that last joke, as that scene felt forced in, but other than that, this was flawless. This is an instant classic and if you love OTT reactions, like I do, this is a clear must own video.

Overall Score: 10/10