Review of Boxing a Rookie

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Boxing a Rookie – 10 mins

The statuesque Tori is now on our FWR roster so we decided to do something a little different for her first match. We put boxing gloves on her had brought in Madison! The confident and cocky Madison entered the ring and called the nervous rookie to the center of the ring. Asked if she was ready to box, Tori replied “… don’t hurt me please!” Madison giggled then threw a wild hook at the tall girl. But Tori ducked and smacked the blond in the jaw with an uppercut! Madison’s eyes glazed over, she fell back into the ropes, then dropped with her butt in the air! Tori leaned down and innocently asked, “Does this mean I win?” Well, Madison came to her senses and tried to punch Tori again but still ended up on her back! Finally, an enraged Madison attacked and punched Tori into a corner and on the ropes. A series of mounted punches should have given Madison the victory but Tori fought back and ended up on top, returning the favor to a shocked Madison! Our little muscle girl found herself spread eagled in the corner ropes, pounded relentlessly, knocked down, pounded on the ropes, smashed in the belly during a clinch, snap mared to the mat for a head scissor session with jabs to the face, and finally SMASHED with a powerful knockout uppercut to end the match! We welcome Tori to our FWR ring!!

Another really great boxing video here that introduces the brand new Tori to us. I think I can say now that Tori is going to be another great addition to FWR and that’s mostly based on her size and shape. She’s tall and sexy which would be great for playing both roles. This match here is a great introduction, Madison comes in super confident that she’s got an easy match ahead, but the gets mostly dominated by the surprisingly tough and talented Tori. I love how she started out playing dumb, but then once fully in control she let Madison know that she actually knows how to fight. Of course Madison is fantastic in her role, I absolutely love seeing her lose and Tori did very well, a few first day jitters, but is clearly going to be very good to have around at FWR. This was another awesome boxing match from FWR, with a good story, good action and just fun to watch. I greatly look forward to seeing more Tori videos.

Overall score: 9.5/10