Review of Boxed Silly

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoxed Silly – 10.5 mins

If you love our one sided, eye rolling, punch drunk, birdie tweeting boxing matches then you’ll enjoy this video. If you love seeing those things happen to Becca then you’ll LOVE this video! We join Becca in the ring as she boasts about being the best boxer at FWR. She doesn’t manage to finish her comment when out of nowhere comes a couple boxing glove punches that knock her out! Her opponent, Peyton, appears and says “She talks too much!”  The remainder of this one sided boxing match is filled with all the great punches, knockouts, and domination that you’ve come to enjoy at FWR. Becca is beaten with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, head lock punches, speed bag facials, corner punches, and anything that showcases her complete groggy reactions and punch drunk attitude. You’ll also love the way Peyton enjoys her domination and trash talks her blond adversary throughout the match. Don’t miss this one!

I know I say this all the time but this is another one of my all-time favorite thing to see from FWR. It’s an unofficial series but I love to call them “Becca Boxing Beatdowns” and I love every single one of these amazing silly one sided boxing beatdowns and no one is as great on the losing side as Becca. Another thing I say all the time is whenever we get a video with Becca vs Peyton, no matter who wins, only greatness can comes from it. This one kicks off amazingly, as Becca starts off talking about how she’s the best boxer at FWR and just as soon as those words cross her lips a punch from Peyton comes out of nowhere. This immediately sets the tone for another outstanding silly Becca boxing beatdown. It’s filled with tons of big punches with big reactions to match, lots of Becca perfect punch drunkenness, with all the eyerolling, silly faces and stumbling around you could ask for, plenty of knockouts and excellent trash talk by Peyton. Out of all the amazing and fun things FWR can do this is the style of match I would pick, given the chance, every time. Now it doesn’t always have to be a Becca boxing beatdown, I would love to see Charlie, Madison or Peyton take their turn at selling their own silly boxing beatdowns. But Becca is my favorite and matches like this are a huge reason why she got there.

Overall score: 10/10