Review of Bounty Hunters

Review of Amazon Warriors Bounty Hunters – 16 mins

2 cold blooded bounty hunters doing their cruel job. Luring two would be assassins into a trap where they get taken out, stripped down and carried back for their bounty.

I’m bringing you guys another video from Amazon Warriors to show off some more of what they can do. Again I can’t praise these guys enough for the quality of their production, not just video quality but for their sets, lighting, costumes, special effects and makeup. They don’t get too crazy with the blood and gore, which I know is an immediate no no for a few of you, but this one is more about the limp play as the bounty hunters strip their prizes down to nothing, there a lot of bare foot views and some carrying scenes as well. It’s quite a mixed bag in this one, a little something for everyone. There’s even a little bit of twitching, for me. Buying this video is still locked behind a sign in and having to purchase credits which can all be do in just a few mins, but I still believe they are working on a more simple purchase option which should be coming out soonish. Amazon Warriors produces a wide variety of content and if you guys would like me to cover either their more extreme content or their less extreme content. Please just let me know.

Overall Score: 9/10