Review of Boot Camp

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBoot Camp – 14 mins

We join Ryan, Persephone, and Violet in the ring as the more experienced Ryan is training them in some wrestling techniques. As they do their session, Renee enters, dressed for combat. She laughs at the silliness of Violet and Persephone trying to improve themselves. Before you know it, Ryan and Renee are squaring off to settle a score from a previous wrestling encounter. The fight goes back and forth with both girls doing some damage but it’s Ryan who ends the match by catching Renee in a cobra clutch, knocking her out. Persephone counts out the pin and the younger girls hold Ryan’s hand high in the air! Ryan decides that since Renee is lying on the mat Persephone and Violet can practice some moves so she instructs Persephone to practice her figure four head scissors on Renee. Then, Violet practices the “necktie”, a standing head scissor submission move. Finally, the girls each practice their pins and they begin to leave the ring. Ryan suddenly remembers how Renee gave her a little spank when she defeated her last time so she jumps back into the ring, rolls Renee over and gives her a swat on the behind!

This is a very good video that does a good job of continuing a story and telling another at the same time. This story picks up after “Pro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Renee”, so while Ryan is trying to train Violet and Persephone, Renee comes in to talk some trash about how she beat Ryan last time the met. Ryan keeps her cool, better then Persephone, but is read for retribution. It’s a nice fight, they both have their winning moments but Ryan does win at the time. And now for the best part, in my opinion, Ryan decides to keep her lessons going, now having a training dummy to work with. Persephone and Violet both get a little training down before finally calling it a day. There’s a lot of little sections to the vid, but that all fit together nicely, from the training session in the beginning, Renee’s entrance, the following convo and rematch challenge, the actual rematch and then the resuming of training with Renee now as the training dummy. It’s good action, great dialog and a great result with Renee as the practice dummy. Overall, a very fun vids with a lot of nice story elements.

Overall Score: 9/10