Review of Body Busting Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets parts 1 & 2

Review of Torvea Films Body Busting Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets parts 1 & 2 – 36 mins

Jacquelyn Velvets is greeted with belly punches from Arielle Lane. A quick face punch turns the tables and Arielle’s abs are beaten. Weakened and wincing in pain, Jacquelyn twists her hand in Arielle’s sore tummy while mocking her opponent. Jabs to the nose make Arielle woozy and Jacquelyn beats Arielle’s flat belly and does hair pulling. Scott Torvea arrives and punches Jacquelyn’s belly before cunt busting her. Jacquelyn’s arms are held behind her in turns as the baddies strike her stomach. She lies on the floor as they stomp and hit her navel until she cries. That taut tummy gets bruised from the impact, but she manages to ballbust Scott. Angered, Arielle holds Jacquelyn’s arms as Scott uses a baseball bat and is proud of reddening her once perfect belly.

Body Busting Arielle Lane & Jacquelyn Velvets Part 2

Jacquelyn Velvets is held by her biceps as Arielle Lane teases her body with a baseball bat before whacking her abused belly. Ramming the end of the bat in her tummy, makes her squeal, but her cries are muffled as Scott Torvea holds her by the throat to prevent escape. Switching sides, they show no mercy and pull her down for some hand to belly punching and more batting. A barbell is dropped repeatedly and Jacquelyn’s exhausted from the torment. Mocking, Scott whacks a wood plank against her sore abs. She chokes but is saved by the sounds of sirens. Jacquelyn rolls on the floor in agony and clutches her beaten belly as the baddies run off.

Got a little two for one special for you guys here, really it is just one video, but it’s sold in two parts, which is why I am reviewing them together. This is a belly punishment video where poor Jacquelyn Velvets takes one hell of a belly beatdown at the hands of Scott and Arielle. This video is like the ones we’ve seen from FWR, with the jeans, boots, those big belts and random weapons they use to punish Jackie belly. I like the outfits and the weapon use. I would assume it’s the same customer. The addition here is there is bruising on Jackie’s belly and there’s a little bit of blood near the end. My favorite part of this video is just all the things they use to beat up Jackie. I started to wonder what they were going to come up with next and when they finally brought out a wooden board to whack Jacquelyn with, I started laughing. I do wish this one ended with a KO, or at least had a KO in it, but it doesn’t, although Jackie is pretty weak and exhausted by the end and that’s pretty good. As always, Jacquelyn is a great victim and that was my initial draw to this video and still the main reason why I liked it.

Overall Score: 8/10