Review of BN da Supa Box!

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingBN da Supa Box! – 24.5 mins

A custom shot for the one and only BN da Supa Mark.  With the help of the ropes, Alexandria Hamilton uses jabs, hooks, crosses, and combos to pummel Athena Law into the oblivion of head snapping, hair flying, spit spraying, 3rd dimensional, lop sided squash matches!  Athena finds herself trapped, locked, cornered, bound, and mounted, eating shot after shot, just to be stood up for another heavy serving of leather!  Alex holds nothing back as she takes pleasure humiliating Athena, outclassing her from the opening bell.  Athena gets knocked down several times, spread eagle, face down, or with her ass in the air, giving Alex a chance to catch a glimpse of herself in the reflection of Athena’s amazing, tight, shiny, booty shorts.  Alex is in complete control, and Athena has nowhere to go.  Finally, Alex grows bored and sends Athena to the canvas for a final time, getting the 10 count, and picking up the decisive “W” in this one sided, jobber domination, beatdown!

It always brings me great joy to talk about the video that come out of the space between my ears. This I got MMW to make this insane boxing match for me. One of the things I love about getting vids from different productions is getting to see them put their own touches on my crazy ideas. I think it’s a pretty well-known fact that MMW is one wild production, so I couldn’t wait to see what they did with my idea. My idea from the start was pretty simply, as ridiculous OTT boxing match with Athena getting completely dominated. And ridiculous is what I got. Athena catches a beat down like you wouldn’t believe, only knowing where she was for about the first 2 minutes of the match, the rest of the time Athena was knocked into last week. Which was an actual thing they added to this video. The other things they added to this are just crazy, with some tongue pulling stuff, some teeth flying around, using Athena’s gloves to tie her to the ropes and I loved every bit of it, because I would have expected nothing less. You ask MMW to do crazy and man, do they know how to do crazy. The core of the match though is boxing, with tons of face punches, belly punches, knock downs and knock outs, all the things I love to see in a boxing match. Athena is an incredible victim, with that look on her face, with her eye rolled back and crossing, and her tongue hanging out, that lets you know she has no idea what’s going on. And Alex may call herself America’s best jobber, but let me tell you, the no nonsense, badass heel Alexandria is no joke and may be my favorite version of Alex. However, I may give Alex the chance to prove to be the best jobber in the near future. For now, do not miss the pure insanity that is this epic video.

Overall Score: 11/10