Review of Bluebird: New Danger

Review of Next Global CrisisBluebird: New Danger (Season 3 / Special Release 11) – 10.5 Mins

Bluebird visits an extremely dangerous convict to ask him where he has hidden the bodies of his victims. He agrees to talk to her in a sealed room where guards are at least 5 minutes away from helping her. But what is the problem? He’s chained up after all. Bluebird under-estimates his strength as he breaks out of the heavy chains and the fight is on. Bluebird does well initially but the convict’s power immediately kills the cells in the body his palm comes into contact with. As she slowly loses the use of her limbs she becomes a sitting duck, and one he is only too happy to pummel mercilessly. This villain has no problem with killing and Bluebird is in serious danger. Will her ‘Second Wind’ be able to save her?

Bluebird again finds herself in a sticky situation, which is always a good thing for us, because we all want to see her in peril. This evildoer has a very cool super power where he’s hands can kill the loving cells of whatever he touches. Simply put, it’s an instant injury to whatever part of Bluebird’s body he touches. I always love cool powers used to defeat superheroines and NGC yet again comes up with another great one. So of course, we see Bluebird struggle with that power, first her leg, then her arm, but her second wind ability saves her yet again. The alternate ending doesn’t work out so well for Bluebird, as her second wind does kick in in time and she’s beaten down and get her neck snapped. Of course this is the more entertaining ending, but we can’t just kill off Bluebird. So thank goodness to awesome alternate endings that don’t effect the storyline.

Overall score: 9.5/10