Review of Black Bat Returns

Review of Sleeper SuperheroinesBlack Bat Returns – 21 mins

Misty Lovelace returns as Black Bat with a costume upgrade which includes pantyhose and boots. She’s out to settle a score with the Trickster who humiliated her in their last meeting. As usual, our cocky superheroine underestimates the well prepared Trickster who has created a device that freezes the person wearing it for ten seconds. After he places the device on Black Bat, he plays around with his prey, eventually knocking her out cold. Trickster then hypnotizes Black Bat and has her do his bidding when he says the trigger word “obey”. Needless to say Black Bat is in for more humiliation in her second encounter with the Trickster.  Can she turn the tables on the fiend?  Find out in this action packed episode.

I think back to only about a year ago when I really had no idea who Misty Lovelace was, and now she is an absolute favorite of mine and I can go grab vids of her being KO’s and ragdolled as a number of different sexy superheroines over here at Sleepy Superheroines. This one maybe my favorite heroine so far. Misty in this outfit is jaw dropping and that no good Trickster has a brand new trick for our sexy heroine with his freezing bracelet. The Trickster easily fools Misty and slaps the bracelet on her wrist with ease. He then has fun freezing her a few times and either KOs her while she’s frozen or plays tricks on her, but most of the time we still get the normal KOs we know and love, like chloro and gas masks. I love the tricks, I love the KOs and I just love this outfit with the boots on Misty. She sells it this all perfectly, there’s still plenty of limp play, lots of KOs, some really nice eye rolling and of course that lovely focus on the glorious derriere of the amazing Misty. I love that the majority of Sleepy Superheroines’ vids star Misty and I love the they are always changing her outfits, but I would not be upset to see this outfit again for more KOs and limp play any time soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10