Review of Black Bat Returns 2

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesBlack Bat Returns 2 – 16 mins

In this concluding second episode, Trickster continues his playtime with the hypnotized Black Bat. Time and time again as Black Bat thinks she has the upper hand, Trickster uses the trigger word “Obey” to get Black Bat to do his bidding. This time the humiliation includes a lap dance which ends in a self chloro. This video comes with a alternate lap dance chloro scene.

Alright, I’ve got to jump the gun here right off the start and talk about one of the major highlights for me in this video. The Trickster uses his hypnosis over Black Cat and commands her to dance and the dancing Misty starts doing almost had me fall of my chair with laughter. Then when I finally get control of myself I look up to see Misty still dancing, but now chloroforming herself and I start laughing out loud again. I don’t know what to call the kind of dancing she was doing, but I called it “dancing like a goofball” and it was excellent. With Misty in that suit, my favorite outfit of Sleepy Superheroines thus far, everything she does is sexy, even dancing like a goofball. This dancing is only a small section of this video, but we do get a little more of it in the outtakes. The rest of this video, although it’ll be overshadowed by how much I went on about the dancing scene, was very good too. We get plenty of KOs and eye rolling, butt shots and spanking and of course tricks and hypnosis. All the things Sleepy Superheroines is known for and loved for. In the end I only hope for two things, first being I hope we see Misty in this amazing outfit again and two, god I hope Misty dances like that in real life.

Overall score: 9.5/10