Review of Black and Blue

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBlack and Blue – 11.5 mins

We recently asked fans to submit their own stories so that we could build our script files. This creative story was sent in and we decided to have Mia and Mackenzi star in it. The premise is simple … Mackenzi doesn’t like Mia so they fight it out. The battle is mostly a fist fight but there’s plenty of wrestling holds included like a full nelson, guillotine choke, head lock, snap mares, head scissors, a dragon sleeper (not to a knockout), belly claws, a surfboard, bow and arrow, and a final knockout heart punch. We’re sure that you’ll LOVE seeing these two beauties fight it out!

If you guys don’t know what Rick is talking about at the beginning of this description, he is taking script ideas from the fans. He explains in much greater detail in the FWR Facebook page, check it out. I think it’s an excellent and innovative idea that will only help FWR make more creative and fun videos. This one is a good example of one of those script ideas. The concept is simple and the action is excellent.  Mackenzi and Mia face of in a wrestling match that has a good amount of punches and submission holds. Both of these ladies are really new but I think they really did a bang up job in this one. Mackenzi has started catching my attention, with this match, I think she’s got some serious talent that we’ve yet to really tap into. Mia hasn’t really had that one role to catch my eye yet, although her match with Ziva and Persephone was great. She’s gorgeous and performed well here, I’ll have to keep an eye out for more of her matches. Of course not only did I love the action in this video, but also the outfits. Bikini, boots and knee pads are always a top pick for me. In my opinion, I think these two rookies put on a great show for us and I look forward to more scripts submitted by the fans. You know I’m trying to get one in there.

Overall score: 8.5/10