Review of Bitter Vengeance

Review of Next Global CrisisBitter Vengeance (Season 3 / Episode 8) – 17.5 Mins

Bluebird has finally managed to track down Miss Freedom by sending her a text communication using Celestia’s communicator. She is full of rage at Miss Freedom’s decision to leave her as a Darkheart captive, where she was whipped, beaten, and drugged on a regular basis. Now it’s time for payback and Miss Freedom’s excuses are simply not good enough. The two heroines clash in a mighty knock-down and drag-out catfight, including KO’s, a double KO, and all kinds of dirty moves by each to gain the upper hand over the other. When one is on top she is surprised by the viciousness or power of the other and so it continues until both of them are visited by a couple of characters who need things to change immediately. Who comes out on top in this unforgettable encounter?

Another NGC masterpiece here, this one being a part of the season 3 storyline, you would have to see the other season 3 episodes to fully understand why Bluebird is so upset. Nonetheless you can still enjoy this one as the majority of the video is Bluebird and Miss Freedom throwing hands, both of them getting their fair share of giving and taken damage. Both heroines showing off their fancy moves in the process. As always with NGC, great fight choreography and great editing, the battle is smooth and flawless. Just when things were seemingly heading to an end, after a great double KO Celestia and John Roman come in and break things up, saying they all must work together, something Bluebird isn’t too happy about. Of course there’s an alternate ending where Bluebird convinces John not to trust Celestia and Miss Freedom, a scuffle brakes out and all 3 heroines end up knocked out. Again, this is the more entertaining ending, but would completely ruin the storyline. Overall this is another great NGC episode with great fighting, great acting and beautiful superheroines, as always.

Overall Score: 9.5/10