Review of Bikini Pro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Charlie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBikini Pro Style Wrestling: Ryan vs Charlie – 9 mins

This fast paced custom match pits the visiting Ryan against the small but dangerous Charlie in a pro style wrestling match. Charlie knows that Ryan hasn’t been in the wrestling ring for over a year so she plans to use that against the girl. After the lock up Ryan muscles Charlie into a head lock but the small beauty pops her head free to hurt Ryan with a hammerlock. The match continues with body scissors, a dragon sleeper to a near knockout, forearm smashes, a snap mare, a matchbook pin to a kick out, a half nelson with a nerve pinch, and a final standing head scissors with a nasty double arm pull that brings a screaming submission! You’ll love seeing these two bikini clad beauties in wrestling action!

I’m still a little sad that we lost Charlie, and that Ryan is just a visitor now, but at we have this video to remember them both by. And it’s a pretty good little video, with kind of an unusual ending, but I’ll get to that in a moment. First, lets talk a little bit about this match, it is nicely paced, no holds held on to long or nothing to really slow things down. I do like when they keep a nice flow in the moves like they did here. It also seem like Charlie was going to get herself another win, but just as I started thinking that, Ryan came back to take it. Now honestly since there wasn’t really a KO in this one, I would have been happy with either outcome, but still, I’m glad Charlie lost, at least one more time. Now, here comes the unusual part, Charlie hops back up after screaming her submission, complaining that Ryan used an illegal move, but before Ryan could fully explain herself, Charlie slowly collapses to the canvas, sobbing, upset that she lost. I say that it’s unusual because most of the time girls would go straight to sobbing after the a lost, instead of standing up, almost instigating another fight and then laying back down to cry about it. But it’s something different and still made for a good victory pose and final scene, so that’s OK with me.

Overall Score: 8.5/10