Review of Sensually SavageBEWARE THE HEEL – 26 mins

Cali Logan and Keri Spectrum duke it out against each other and an invisible heel in this sexy pro fantasy custom! We fade in on lovers Cali and Spectrum as they gently make out and get ready for one hell of a roleplay / pro session!  We see them putting on their boots and make grand entrances, with only ONE rule guiding their match:  the moment both girls get TOO turned on, an invisible heel will make an appearance and take them both down!   Cali and Keri go at it tooth and nail, delivering knockouts and classic pro moves (along with some sexy pins)…but eventually their lust takes over, and the heel appears.   Both ladies are humiliated and destroyed, forced to do unspeakable things until a final 69 style pin forces them to please each other before a final devastating KAYO leaves both ladies sleeping in a sexy body pile!!!

Another video that I feel fits the sensually savage name. This one is the super sexy version of a pro style match, we even get both Cali in pro style one piece with converse boots and knee pads, you know I love that look and Keri was in a bikini and knee pads, with also a very acceptable look, in my opinion. The only problem was Keri’s dirty feet. It’s a super serious pet peeve for me because it’s a huge immersion breaker for me. I sit there bitching about what she could have done to keep her feet clean for the video, like baby wipes, instead of enjoying the show. And yes, I will complain about dirty feet every time, it’s a pet peeve for a reason, it’s nasty, it’s simple to avoid, so unless someone requests dirty feet in their customs, fix it. Once I could finally put that pet peeve aside long enough to watch the video, it was quite the good show. The fighting is pretty sexy, they don’t go to tough on each other, as they are role playing after all, but we still get some good KOs and nice trash talk. Then after a while the invisible heel comes in and makes light work of both Keri and Cali, putting this in some great situations. This too doesn’t get too savage, but is tougher than the rest of the video and yet still stays pretty sensual at the same time. I like the matches that really toe the line between sensual and savage. The Anne Marie one with Sinn and Galas is still my favorite of these “sensually savage” vids, but this easily and solid second place.

Overall Score: 9/10