Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBETTY BATTLES THE BUTCHER – 20 Mins

bettyThe beautiful BETTY BATTLES makes her SKW debut against KATHY “THE BUTCHER” OWENS! After talking sever smack about SKW’s roster, Betty Battles issues an open challenge to anyone in the locker room… hoping to humiliate one of SK’s local girls.  When the Butcher emerges, however, it’s curtains for Betty!  From start to finish, the Butcher annihilates Miss Battles, taking her down and out repeatedly until a final barrage of finishers seals the deal, and teaches an SKW newbie a huge lesson!

This is how to make a great first impression on us SKW fans. Come in and sell a huge squash match, with some great over the top reactions, right off the bat. Betty really does an awesome job getting demolished by The Butcher. It’s completely one sided, there’s tons of moves, some with Kathy using her size to her advantage, a tons of KOs, a bunch of them from some great looking power moves, plenty of twitching, and all topped off with a great extended sleeper with drooling and a twitchy leg hook pin, which I really love. Betty sells it all amazingly. Kathy, as you can imagine, has too much fun beating up Betty and is really brutal in her destruction. I love the squash, I think Betty real did a great job, love the moves used and all the twitching they caused. It was a great introduction to Betty Battles and her jobber skills.

Overall Score: 9.9/10