Review of Best of Three: Reni vs Charlie

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBest of Three: Reni vs Charlie – 19.5 Mins

Two of our newest rookies, Reni and Charlie, wrestle each other in a three fall pins only match. Each round features a great knockout followed by a cross body leg hook pin and the cuties really put a lot of effort into the match! You’ll see a test of strength, corner work, snap mares, scissors, a surfboard, sleeper hold knockout, a head lock, hammerlock, full nelson, bow and arrow, crippler cross face, standing arm stretch, camel clutch with a sleeper knockout, and three sweet cross body pins to a ten count. In the end one wrestler hold her nearly defeated opponent by the hair and taunts her before knocking her out with a stunner! You’ll love seeing our newest fems in action against each other!

I am back to being the number one advocate for Charlie losing (almost) all her matches. That being said, I was a little bit disappointed that Charlie didn’t lose the overall match, but I got to say that I was not only happy that this match didn’t just go the predictable route, with Charlie losing the first and third rounds, but I was also very happy with how good Reni looked in this match. She did a really nice job selling and she just looks great. I also liked that she took a bite out of Charlie at one point to turn the tide of the match, that was a little unexpected and it’s funny. I’m also a huge fan of the 10 count leg hook pins. As for Charlie, who I just totally love at this point, did just as well as I expected, selling beautifully as a jobber, but still being a cocky trash talking heel with that evil smile. So, sure, I would have been a little happier if Charlie lost, strictly for selfish reasons, because even though she’s super cute and tiny, she can do the heel role just fine and Reni can totally do the jobber thing just as well.

Overall Score: 9.5/10