Review of Best of Three Falls: Allie vs Madison

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBest of Three Falls: Allie vs Madison – 11 Mins

madisonTwo female wrestlers enter the ring dressed in silky robes. The rules, best 2 out of 3 falls wrestling, are announced and the robes are removed to reveal strong feminine bodies in tiny bikinis. As Allie has her back turned, Madison sneaks up on her and wraps the sash from her robe around her neck in a blatant illegal choke! Allie manages to escape with an elbow to the belly but Madison moves fast and continues her attack. The remainder of the match is filled with head locks, snap mares, and Tons of tight head scissors! Allie is forced to submit the first round but comes back to get her own scissors submission to win the second round. Madison, laying breathless on the mat after losing the fall, tells Allie that she got lucky! An enraged Allie quickly attacks the already weakened Madison with a REALLY tight reverse head scissors, knocking poor Madison out to win the third fall and the match! If you love these muscular female wrestlers you’ll LOVE this wrestling video!

Madison vs Allie Parker, not much more really needs to be said. You should have a hard time passing on any vid staring these two amazing girls. This vid could have gone either way and I’d still be happy. The action is mostly scissor based, minus the blatant choke at the beginning and a few other things. Rick is all over the place with the camera making sure we get to see the action from all the right angles. I love how great they both look in their bikinis and best part, in my opinion, is the KO at the end. Love the pace of the action here and love the idea of Madison vs Allie, extremely hard to go wrong with these ladies.

Overall score: 9/10