Review of Best of 3 Beatdown

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Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsBest of 3 Beatdown – 15 mins

We fade in to Keri and Cali side by side on the mats and it’s immediately obvious how very much they dislike one another. Both wrestlers roll their eyes in disgust. Keri rants about how they’ll be having a no holds barred best of 3 falls match…in which Cali has NO chance. She goes on to humiliate tiny Cali verbally about her vertical shortcomings, which clearly pisses off the beautiful brunette. Cali tells her to put her money where her mouth is, and Keri plans to. They circle heatedly for several moments before locking up. Keri gains the upper hand and throws Cali to the mat. She turns her back to talk smack as Cali is ‘recovering’, only to turn around and fall victim to a crippling low blow punch. Keri goes down like a ton of bricks, and from this point forward, Cali’s rage takes over. Cali seemingly easily handles the Amazon goddess, putting her in extended holds and even going so far as to deliver some serious ground and pound face punching from the mount. Ms. Logan holds nothing back from her talented arsenal, incorporating all styles of street, apartment and cat fight wrestling tactics. Keri is smacked, punched, submitted and sent to la la land time and time again. After enduring Cali’s beat down, Keri is lying prone on the mat when our victor writes a humiliating ownership message across her sexy, limp belly: CALI-3 KERI-0

It’s been a little while since I covered a vid from Keri’s store, but a took a good look into her store recently and found this little gem. This video is the almost perfect response/sequel to a favorite video of mine from Cali’s store called “Finished 5 Ways” where Cali gets absolutely crushed, KO’s and pinned through several rounds. This video is almost the same thing, but this time Keri is the one getting wrecked. Just like with Cali lost, Keri gets KO’d and leg hooked pinned through several rounds. Unlike the other video Cali uses her fists and her legs to KO Keri. Cali also did some twitching when she lost, but Keri does not here. But the point is, I loved watching Cali lose and I thought it would be great to see Cali get some revenge, because I also love seeing Keri lose and I totally get that with this video. I love the KOs, the leg hook pins and I really love Cali’s victory poses as she takes some selfie with her fallen foe as she gloats in her victory. Now if only I can get a vid where they both gets crushed together for the ultimate video.

Overall Score: 9/10