Review of Belly Torture Audition Video

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Review of Kayla ObeyBelly Torture Audition Video – 7 Mins

You want the role in a horror movie and therefore you record a casting video to show your amazing agony acting skills. You know that the director has a belly and a neck/throat fetish so you showcase those two sexy body parts of yours in hope to convince him. The Scenario that you act out in the clip is that you’re getting shot by imaginary arrows many times into your belly and your neck. You’ve put an audio file on your speakers that consists of arrows being loaded and shot with an arrow over and over again as a base for your acting. At the end of the clip you’re ending your agony yourself by pretending to cut your throat using your finger.

Here’s another Kayla Obey video this isn’t fighting or sleepy, but I still found it to be pretty good. Kayla is acting out getting shot with arrows in belly, check and neck for a movie role. No actual props used, but she reacts them very well. I figured people who like belly punching or other sorts of belly punishment might get a kick out of this one, as it is a good look at Kayla reacting to belly pain. I enjoyed it more thinking of it in that manor opposed to the arrows being used. I think it would have been better to separate the belly attacks with a “death” or two, or at least end with one, but she does the finger across the throat thing and it fades to black before she even falls over. It repetitive, and short, but still a nice look a Kayla selling, that I’m sure we’ll see better use of soon.

Overall Score: 7.5/10