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Review of LadysnotworkingBELLY PUNCH NIGHTMARE – 23 Mins

There’s no real description for this one, so just to sum things up really quick, you get two scenes in this one. The first, Rubi is lying in bed on her phone, decides to take a nap, as soon as she falls asleep a masked man enters and punches her in the belly for a while. She never really wakes up, but her reactions get weaker and weaker over time until she’s not really reacting at all. Then he just leaves her there and she wakes up confused. The second scene, Rubi is on the couch on her phone, the masked man enters, sleepers her out, then begins punching her in the belly again, over and over. Again she doesn’t wake up and her reactions diminish over time. He also removes her shirt and pulls her pants down just a little bit along the way. This time when he leaves, she stay out and is left hanging of the side of the couch.

This is the other clip I bought from this no longer active store, that I may or may not have mentioned in my review of “ONE NIGHT, TWO WOMEN, AND…”. Anyway this is much of the same idea, ragdoll/overkill belly punching. Rubi’s not completely unresponsive for most of both scenes, she gives a lot of good grunts and groans, she curls up from the impacts and even tries to cover her belly with her arms, but just falls back out cold after a second or two. After her reactions fade she kind of just tenses up from the punches, almost like a slow twitch, with much less noise if any. I really do enjoy these kind of reactions, it is a bit repetitive even with a little belly squeezing thrown in, but overall it’s really pretty good. I wish this production was able to stick around and work on storylines and lighting, maybe adding some more limp play to their vids, could have been something really cool.

Overall Score: 8.5/10