Review of Bella Ink vs Samantha Grace Strip Boxing

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Review of Hit the MatBella Ink vs Samantha Grace Strip Boxing – 27 mins

Blonde Bella Ink vs Brunette Samantha Grace. These two took an immediate disliking to one another, and it shows when they start disrespecting the rules, and each other!

Some more strip boxing from HTM, this time Sam takes on Bella Ink. I am a big fan of both these lovely ladies and this type of match. My list of Bella fights keeps growing and every time a love her a bit more. She is so charismatic and exciting, I love seeing her in fights and love it even more when she loses, because her selling is a little wild and silly, like she is. Her and Sam do plenty of trash talking and they really go back and for really well. The action is back and forth as well, which is what I want for strip boxing match. As much as I love one sided fights, it’s a little better when both ladies end up naked before the final KO. I also enjoyed a few dirty tactics, mainly Sam using her exposed breasts to KO Bella, and adding insult to injury, she steals Bella’s panties while she’s out too. This one is also topped off with my favorite and apparently fan favorite loser punishment, some human punching bag action. There’s also a little slow motion bonus footage at the end, which would be much more enjoyable it the aspect ratio wasn’t changed, making the ladies look kind of wide and weird. Overall, Sam and Bella put on a great show for us and this is another fun strip boxing video from HTM.

Overall Score: 9/10