Review of Bella Ink vs Ashley Graham Silly Boxing

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Review of Hit the Mat Bella Ink vs Ashley Graham Silly Boxing – 16 mins

For the Silly Boxing fans, Bella Ink takes on Ashley Graham in the BIG oversized boxing gloves in a TOPLESS silly boxing match!   Lots of trash talk, lots of big face and belly hits, big sells and lots of knockdowns.  Mix in some eye rolling, lots of tweety birds, cuckoos, and lots of other cartoony sound effects.  Not to mention, loads of trash talk!

Definitely for silly boxing fans, and I am a proud silly boxing fan and this one had me laughing and giggling thought most of the bout. There are two stand out thing that make this boxing vid so fun. The first thing is the massive boxing gloves, they are so huge, it’s hard not to laugh at them, they are just ridiculous, in the best way possible. Next is the sound effects, there are tons of sound effects in this one, not just birdies and cuckoos, but silly sounds for the punches, the knocked down, when the get dazed or stand on wobbly legs, there’s a sound effect for just about everything and again I find myself having a hard time not laughing at them. There are a few things that do need to be addressed if HTM was to do another one of these and the most important one is the mouth pieces, they have to go, they serve no purpose other than making Bella and Ashley harder to understand and with as much trash taking as there is in this vid, you want to be able to clearly understand the girls, or if you have to have mouth pieces, at least have them go flying out from some of the big punches. The other thing I didn’t notice until I was editing this and that is, the boxing itself isn’t actually all that silly. There’s no OTT reaction, or smiling faces, or laughing, or anything that you would find in most silly boxing videos. There were a lot of knockdowns and some nice eye rolling, but other than the sound effects and the big gloves there rely isn’t too much all that silly in this vid, not saying the boxing action isn’t good, just not to silly. Fix those two things and that got take this really good silly boxing vid into an insanely good silly boxing vid.

Overall Score: 9/10