Review of Bella Ink Meets Ziva Fey

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsBella Ink Meets Ziva Fey – 30.5 mins

We join Bella and Ziva in the house as Ziva puts the final touches on a chess match they’re playing. “Check mate!” says Ziva. A frustrated Bella, who has already lost at tennis, running, and swimming against Ziva, challenges her to a submissions wrestling match. We cut to the beauties in the ring where the rules are given.  The girl with the most submissions at the end of the match is the winner. And to add a little humiliation element to the match, the loser of each round must mark a scoreboard. When the opening bell sounds, we find out very quickly that little Ziva is much stronger than she looks! For the entire match, our newest cutie totally dominates a frustrated and shocked Bella with snap mares, an arm bar, hammerlocks, a camel clutch, a double arm choke, a double toed leglock with a surfboard, full nelsons, scissor holds (one ending in a knockout), headlocks, a standing bow & arrow, a step over toe hold, and single and double leg crabs. Ziva continuously taunts and mocks Bella, enjoying her pain while forcing her opponent to submit several times in each hold. Poor Bella gets increasingly worn out by Ziva and is finally forced to endure a long schoolgirl pin and a march around the ring holding the score board high to end this epic wrestling domination and humiliation match! 

Tonight the role of LeAnn with be played by Bella Ink, as another FWR rookie absolutely mops the floor with a veteran like no body’s business. Speaking of Bella Ink, did someone leave her in the oven too long? Or was she just in nonstop sun light since she last appeared at FWR? What happened to that blonde white girl that we once knew? If she didn’t have all the same tattoo’s I would have been calling the law for identity theft! Anyway, all jokes aside, Bella is back and looking really good with a mean tan and dark hair, but she was looking even better on the mats as Ziva was dominating her in this video. Bella has always been a great jobber and that shines again in this video as she taps out in submission repeatedly, begs for mercy and is KO’d once. Ziva definitely shows her mean side here as she dominates and loves every second of it, making sure to brag and humiliate Bella throughout the match. Even though I am a KO junkie, I like these matches, one sided, submission domination is nice to watch every now and then. And as much as I hate to admit it, it’s good to see the rookie gets some dominating wins, instead of getting crushed all the time.

Overall Score: 8.5/10