Review of Bella Ink Hits the Mat!

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Review of Hit the MatBella Ink Hits the Mat! (POV Boxing Defeat) – 10 mins

Bella Ink is ready for a fight. Or so she thinks! She may have some vicious intent in her punches, but they don’t seem to do much. Bella is knocked all around the ring, and must STRIP every time she’s knocked down!

Bella Ink doesn’t do enough fighting videos for me, she’s always give us a great show just like this one. Another great POV defeat from HTM with the lose a piece of clothing for each knockdown rule. Bella starts out confident as always, and looks so tough and aggressive when she throwing her punches, but unfortunately for her, her punches have little to no effect on you. Your punches however, have Bella stumbling and falling all over the place. Which quickly has her fully naked and soon out cold on the mats. I love Bella selling, she’s a super sexy girl with a great expressive face that really helps in POV matches like this. She kept up her cocky attitude for most of the match too, until she was just too dazed to talk or fight back. Nothing too over the top as far as reactions goes, but I can’t help but love how great she looks and how well she sold this sexy defeat.

Overall Score: 9/10