Review of Bella Gets Beaten

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Bella Gets Beaten – 10.5 mins

You meet Bella Ink in the boxing ring for a three round contest and quickly find out that the black bikini clad beauty is out for blood! She trash talks you, cusses at you (caution: dialogue is not for the timid), and punches HARD! In round one, this busty boxer trades punches with you but quickly takes the advantage dropping you to the mat. You struggle back up but she’s all over you until you’re finally saved by the bell. Round two starts out the same with Bella dominating you but you manage to come back and dominate her with your punches and dropping her twice! When she’s saved by the bell you actually stand over her in an act of humiliation. In round three you trade punches again but it’s obvious that the blond is much weaker and you soon dominate the remainder of this fight. Poor Bella is pounded all over the ring, dropped a few more times then finally finished off with an impressive four punch combo followed by a knockout uppercut! Congratulations! You just defeated Bella Ink!

Another fantastic FWR POV boxing match, this one with another of my personal favorites, Bella Ink. If you’ve seen one my reviews for a Bella vid, you will know all the reasons I love her. She’s got an amazing, high intensity, high energy personality and as she’s definitely a goofball, all of which translates directly into her selling. She’s naturally a little over the top and silly, even when she’s in control of the match, like she was for about half of this one. She talks tons of trash and curses like a sailor, which in are both good things in my book. She makes the first half of this vid really fun for me because she so entertaining and intense. Then when she’s starts to lose, that same natural silliness makes her an outstanding jobber. She’s over dramatic, in a great way and really knows how to throw herself around, all really great things for a match like this. Then of course, it’s and FWR POV, so Rick is behind the cam and as I’ve mentioned before is just the best and making these POVs and has mastered the art of non-verbal trash talking. I grab every Bella Ink fighting vid I can, she’s always a ton of fun to watch and definitely easy on the eyes as well.

Overall Score: 9.5/10