Review of Behind The Pillow

Review of Velvets FantasiesBehind The Pillow – 23 mins

After a long and drama-filled day at the beach, an exhausted Eden comes home and decides to self-medicate. She spikes her own drink with a strong sedative and quickly passes out on her bathroom floor. Minutes later her roommate finds her and freaks out. After checking her vitals, however, he figures out what happened and carries the completely limp beauty to her bed. She is barely conscious, her eyes rolling as she begs SK to put her to sleep using a few implements she hid behind her pillow. The stunned SK discovers a gas mask, sleepy spray, chloroform, and even a drug-filled syringe amongst her collection. He decides to help her get some rest, using the dosed gas mask to put her out. He ragdolls her and carries her around, making sure she’s completely out… but the lovely Latina slowly comes to yet again. He uses chloroform this time and continues testing her unconsciousness via carries, ragdolling, and gravity-fueled slumps to the ground and mattress. Eden manages to slowly come to a final time and begs for days of sleep, so SK uses the syringe, plunging it into her derriere and watching as the powerful drug finally puts her out for what might be an entire weekend. Satisfied, SK postions his roommate comfortably, leaving her napping and tucked in with a comfy blanket and her favorite stuffed animal.

Been a while since I reviewed a Velvets vid, and that’s quite frankly because I haven’t been able to get any, but I just picked up a few and I’ll be reviewing them for you guys when I can. Starting with the most recent release, Eden stars in this awesome ragdoll video. Now, I always like to be clear, I’m not as crazy about Velvets’ style ragdolls like I am SKW style ragdolls as they are two quite different things, but JVF ragdolls are still awesome. Eden, who has been impressing me with everything she’s done so far continues that tend as she makes a great eyerolling and very groggy ragdoll for SK. Her amazing physic looks stunning in every position and the shiny bikini was an excellent choice. I love the self-drugging aspect, I love all the grogginess and all the eyerolling that comes from that. I love videos like this, love how amazing Eden has been and don’t take the lack of Velvets review wrong, she is another of my favorite production too.

Overall Score: 9.9/10