Review of BED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 9

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldBED BATTLE AND BEYOND: part 9 – 23 mins

Taking from the actual custom request, shot as scripted by SKW!!! Sumiko is posing and preening in her black wet look bikini, choker and stretch satin gloves. She takes off her shades and says in a sugary voice that Jordynne Grace is a cocky bitch that is talking smack about “bikini bimbo wrestlers” at SKW like Sumiko and Lucy who think they are hot stuff. She winks and looks down admiringly at her body, “Well, I AM pretty hot! In and out of the ring.” Sumiko says she and Lucy are going to take down JG and humiliate her, and has been posting about it online. JG enters in white bikini or one piece pro outfit, listening to Sumiko. Sumiko is so busy talking trash, hits and followers that JG sneaks up and catches her in a double armed choke, knocking her out as she frantically claws at JG’s hand. JG throws unconscious Sumiko on her back on the bed. Pan over Sumiko out cold. JG is bragging as Sumiko comes to, drags JG onto the bed and KOs her with a headscissors. Sumiko lays JG on her back and takes and posts pics. JG comes to as Sumiko is bragging about the win and telling how her fans and fellow wrestlers are laughing at JG. JG wakes up as Sumiko is kneeling and bragging to the camera. JG catches her in a kneeling full nelson. Then the ladies catball and trade body scissors. Finally JG traps Sumiko in a half Boston crab. JG then places Sumiko in a bow and arrow hold. JG follows with a body scissors of Sumiko which she combines with a cobra clutch for the KO. Poses Sumiko who is out on her back, hooking a leg for a mocking 10 count. JG slaps Sumiko awake. As she sits up groggy and shaking her head, JG puts her in a figure 4 foldover double armbar (pic). JG traps her in a crippler crossface. JG puts Sumiko in an over the knee hairpull, followed by a camel clutch with sidewalk slam ending. Sumiko, twitches for a bit, then angry and defiant, rolls and writhes in pain on the bed JG talks to the camera. Sumiko tries to ambush JG from behind, but JG spins and catches her and puts Sumiko in a torture rack, then lays her limp rival on the bed. JG puts Sumiko in a crucifix scissorhold (pic) and a Death Star submission lock/KO that knocks out a still defiant, but wavering, Sumiko. JG matchbook pins her. Long pan of Sumiko out on her back as JG reads Sumiko’s posts, getting angrier and angrier. JG slaps her awake. JG then puts Sumiko in a figure 4 neckscissors for the KO. JG slaps Sumiko awake, roughly flips her on her belly, straddles her and bedsmothers her into the sheets. Just as Sumiko seems to go limp JG slaps her butt and wakes her up, knocking her out again. Sumiko is now pleading for her to stop. JG slaps Sumiko awake and puts her in a triangle choke for a KO. Sumiko comes to and calls her a bitch. JG KOs her with a knee over throat choke, grabbing Sumiko’s legs so they stop flailing. Then single-leg matchbook pins her for a ten count pin. Then she lets Sumiko crash lifeless onto her back on the bed. Final scene is Sumiko again cleave gagged and tied to the bed. She’s got “Pro 1 Bikini Bimbo 0″ written in two rows on her belly. JG poses her for pics and posts them so Lucy and the other SKW talent see them.

Another bed battle match that turns out to be a pretty great Sumiko squash, just like the one with jinx, although this one has a similar, but different storyline. This one adds in a little about The Purrfect Dreams tag team creation, which I can’t wait to see Lucy and Sumiko take on whoever and get dominated again, but for now this in is a one on one match with Sumiko playing the cocky little jobber who does hold her own at first against Jordynne and humiliates her by taking photos after the first KO. But all that is short lived and Jordynne take total control after that and get her revenge in spades. I love the moves used in this, being in the bed a lot of the power moves they can do in the mat room aren’t an option, although they did pull off a nice sidewalk slam KO. There are a few new and brutal looking submission holds as well as plenty of old favorites. Sumiko, of course sells everything perfectly, from the pre match trash talking to the begging and pleading, and all the tongue out, eyerolling KOs. The same can be said for Jordynne, minus the KOs of course. All this is topped off with a little spread eagle bondage and some more picture taking humiliation, as well as a little message written across Sumiko’s incredible abs. I find it really hard not to love every Sumiko squash out there, especially when she oversells just a little with some tongue protrusion and extra eyerolling like she does here. Doesn’t matter whether she in the mat room or the bedroom or in a ring, Sumiko is always a sight to be seen.

Overall Score: 9.9/10